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About Walvis Bay

Today Walvis Bay is the second largest town of Namibia and its only deep-sea harbour. Around 100 000 people live in Walvis Bay. As the water of the coastal area is very clean Walvis Bay is known for its high quality fish, oysters, rock lobsters, etc.
There are quite a few tourism highlights:
A boat trip along the coast to view dolphins and seals, whereby the seals jump right into the boat. With a bit of luck whales with their impressive tail fin can be spotted.
For bird enthusiasts and anglers trips by boat or 4x4 vehicles to the bird colonies of the 10 kilometre long lagoon of Sandwich Harbour are a special treat. In this large natural lagoon more than 120,000 birds have been counted, including pelicans and flamingos.
A trip to “Dune 7” just outside town is also well worth it. It is the highest dune in the area and one can not only enjoy an amazing view when standing on top of it, but also try the trendy sport called sand boarding.
As Swakopmund is a mere 30 km away, one can easily visit this coastal town with its German culture and other attractions.
One should not forget to mention the huge salt fields around Walvis Bay. On an area of 3500 hectares 400,000 tons of high quality salt are annually produced.

Sandwich Harbour 4x4

Sandwich Harbour 4x4 is the leading day tour operator to Sandwich Harbour offering numerous exciting activity and adventure packages. Sandwich Harbour, part of the Namib Naukluft Park, is a place many have heard of but very few have ever visited. The lagoon, salt pans and the bird sanctuary, which form the Walvis Bay Wetlands, are rightly heralded as the single most important coastal wetlands of Southern Africa. It is one of five Ramsar sites in Namibia.

Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes, just waiting to be discovered




Walvis Bay Waterfront

Enjoy a leisurely stroll and admire wildlife at Walvis Bay Waterfront, a long, curving stretch of gray sand. Sandwiched between the Namib Desert sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean, the bay area offers a variety of water sports and excursions, making it a popular adventure destination.


Quad biking, kite-boarding, dolphin cruises, sandwich harbour tours, sandboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are among the activities offered along this restaurant-lined waterfront.


Take a boardwalk deep into the sea on a floating wooden jetty from one of the many wharfs, and see pelicans, seals, and flamingos. You can also swim, go fishing, or take a dolphin-spotting boat trip. Public walkways provide good opportunities for jogging, while hotels and bars offer a variety of entertainment year-round.


Historian Dune Tour
Special quad bike tour in the Namib Desert

The Historian Dune Tour run by Fanie du Preez from Kuiseb Delta Adventures, is a real speciality among all activities offered in and around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. With his historical Namib Safari Fanie combines the fun and thrill of quad biking with a wide range of information and experience, which is absolutely unique.


During a time span of five hours Fanie explains the Namib Desert around the Kuiseb Delta south of Walvis Bay. Of course guests receive an introduction to the exiting dune driving on environmental friendly quad bikes, which are easy to handle and can be driven without licence from the age of 12 thanks to their automatic transmission.




The Raft Restaurant Walvis Bay
This unique Namibian restaurant is built on stilts at the end of its own jetty in the picturesque Walvis Bay Lagoon on the West Coast of Namibia.

The Raft Restaurant offers you an extensive menu of seafood, game, meat, local and international dishes, not to mention the appearance of dolphins, pelicans, flamingoes and kite surfers, swimming, flying and stumbling past the dining room windows.

This is the place to sit and watch the sunset with a drink in hand, or enjoy a lazy lunch, watching the Walvis Bay lagoon life happen in front of you, while enjoying the legendary service and hospitality of The Raft Restaurant.



Impressive desert tour with Chris Nel
To the untrained eye the dunes of the Namib Desert between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund appear impressive but somewhat lifeless. One will be surprised though how diverse and rich in species this eco-system actually is, given the chance to view the desert through the eyes of a real Namibia expert: Chris Nel, energetic environmentalist and nature conservationist with a modest aversion to quad bikes, invites you to an interesting and surprising tour into the Namib.


Most impressive is Chris’s feeling for the desert creatures. Where we only see sand Chris discovers dazzling creatures like the Dancing White Lady, different Tok Tokkies, the Desert Chameleon, the sand-diving Gecko, the Sidewinder, desert scorpions and many more





Kayaking "Eco Marine Tour"
Kayaking in the Walvis Bay Lagoon - Jeanne Meintjes, owner and the guide of the Eco Marine Tours offers very personal kayak tours in teh Walvis Bay Lagoon. Nowhere else will you get as close to flamingos and pelicans, seals, Heaviside’s and Benguela dolphins as with a kayak.


The Eco Marine Tour starts at 07:45 hrs in the morning and guests will be picked up at the Dolphin Cafe of Mola Mola at the Walvis Bay tourist harbour. Jeanne drives with the guests (minimum 2 / maximum 12) to Pelican Point, where the kayak ride begins. The tour takes about five hours, half of which is spent in the kayak.

Single- as well as double kayaks are available. No previous kayaking experience is required for the tour. Jeanne takes care of all safety precautions, but one should not be afraid of water as the seals sometimes enjoy jumping next to the boats, splashing water onto its skipper. At the end of the Eco Marine Tour Jeanne collects the e-mail adresses of all participants in order to send everyone some photos – free of charge.


Ana's Inn

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